Monday, January 18, 2021

New Prototype IWB Light Indexing Holster

In our spare time, we have been working on a new custom mold for a weapon light indexing IWB holster that will accommodate ALL of the following fullsize lights...
Surefire X300U-A/B
Streamlight TLR-1 HL
Olight PL-Pro/PL-2
Inforce WILD2

The holster works great for all of the lights with multiple guns, but its a little loose fitting on a few of them without re-adjusting the tension screws, which is understandable. We're not sure yet if we will offer these for purchase, as there could be some negative experience from having to constantly adjust the tension screws based on the light you intend to use. We like to regularly rotate through several different guns and lights, so the idea of this multi-fit holster is very advantageous to us for that.

Check out our website for more details and pricing on all of our products!

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