Sunday, May 16, 2021

CZ P-09 Grip Chop and Texture

Here is a CZ P-09 that we just did a grip chop to P-07 size with our concealed carry texture. This one was a little more difficult to do than the Glock 17 grip chop that we did recently, but it turned out really nice. The grip can now accommodate the flush fitting 15-round P-07 magazines for ultimate concealment or the extended 17-round P-07 magazines, which still make the gun shorter than the ultra long P-09 grip length. 👌

NOTE: this service requires a factory P-07 mainspring plug and a factory P-07 backstrap in the size of your choice. You will have to source these items yourself and send them with your frame.

The unmodified P-09 frame.

A P-07 backstrap in place prior to cutting.

Initial cut to a P-07 size.

Finished texture with a smooth magwell border at the bottom.

Compared to a stock P-07 frame.

With a flush fit 15-round magazine inserted.

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