Sunday, July 31, 2022

Holster Length Matters!

While the smaller slimline subcompact handguns are theoretically more comfortable to wear and easier to conceal, it's important to note that the shorter slide/barrel versions of these guns as well as shorter barrel compact guns will greatly benefit from a longer holster when it comes to in-the-waistband concealment in the appendix position.  A shorter gun/holster combo is definitely comfortable to wear, but that shorter length allows the gun to tip away from your body above the belt line, which creates a major printing problem. To resolve this issue, we always make our holsters for shorter guns a little longer than their slide/barrel to distribute more mass below the belt line (see "The Keel Principle" by PHLster). This extra length is also necessary to mount a drop clip and concealment wing to the holster, and it also gives us room to mount a rubber comfort puck on the back of the holster, which is our version of a wedge.  The combination of the longer holster, the concealment wing, and the comfort puck all add up to drastically improved concealment for even the smallest of handguns.  If there is not a longer version of your gun available for molding purposes (i.e. - Glock 48 vs 43X or Sig P365XL vs standard P365), then we will artificially extend the muzzle length during the molding process.

Also check out "The Basics of Concealment Mechanics" by PHLster for more information and tips on better concealment practices.

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Thursday, July 21, 2022

CZ P-07 Urban Gray - Re-textured

We recently re-textured this CZ P-07 frame that was previously stippled and botched with major discoloration in one spot on the right side of the grip. Our plan was to retexture the grip area and then Cerakote only the textured area in black to cover up the discoloration, but after finishing up the texture it was apparent that a cover up was not necessary! We don't usually work on colored polymer frames due to the extra time and care it takes to do them properly, but this was a personal gun that needed an update. We'll consider this one saved! 👍

Here's a couple of in-progress photos to show the discoloration spot

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