Friday, January 8, 2021

IWB/OWB Light Indexing Holsters - Known Fitment

Our light indexing IWB/OWB holsters are designed to fully encompass a Glock 17 size gun, but are open ended to work with longer guns or compensators.  They will fit most handguns that are capable of accepting the popular fullsize weapon mounted lights that we mold them for. We make holsters that index on these lights specifically because the body of the light is wider than most handgun frames.  That extra width allows the holster to come in contact primarily with the light more so than the gun's frame or slide.  A benefit to our holster design is that typical holster wear is drastically reduced or completely eliminated on most guns. The holster may touch the controls on either side of the frame on some guns, but in most cases the slide doesn't come in contact with the holster.

Commander length 1911/2011

CZ P-07 with a compensator

Glock 19 with a compensator

The following list of guns have been verified to fit without any issues:

1911/2011 with rail
Beretta 92/96 with rail
CZ-USA P-07/P-09
CZ-USA SP-01/Shadow2/P-01
FN 509 (all variations)
Glock 19/17/34 (all variations)
Springfield XD/XD-M (all variations)
Sig P320 (all variations)
    Note: the top edges of the slide slightly contact the inside of the holster, but fitment is still good
S&W M&P (all variations)

We will keep this list updated as we continue to test fit more guns.

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