Wednesday, June 8, 2022

M&P Shield Plus with an Accessory Rail? Yes!

At RFV Tactical, we really like the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield Plus as a choice for a slimline subcompact, but in our opinion it has one major flaw... the lack of an accessory rail to attach a quality weapon mounted light.  There are gun specific lights from Streamlight and Nightstick that clamp onto the trigger guard, but those lights are only around 100 lumens.  Recover Tactical makes an add-on accessory rail that clamps onto the trigger guard similar to the Streamlight and Nightstick gun-specific lights, which gives you the ability to attach more substantial lights to the gun, but the add-on rail is kind of bulky and spaces the light away from the gun's frame a little too much for our preference. We gave it a lot of thought, and decided to permanently modify the frame of our shop gun to accept a custom made picatinny rail so that we could attach a quality light and not have it hang off the gun too badly. Worst case scenario is that if our custom add-on rail didn't work out, then we would just have two small holes in the bottom of the frame's dustcover that shouldn't pose any issues with the functionality or reliability of the gun. We did this by drilling two holes in the bottom of the dust cover of the frame and dremeling out the inside of the frame a little to allow two threaded posts to sink down enough to clear the slide when it cycles.  With these threaded posts installed into the frame of the gun, we mounted our own custom picatinny rail that we made out of a Magpul polymer M-Lok rail section. The Magpul rail section was cut down to only a three slot section, reshaped and new mounting holes were drilled into it and then chamfered to countersink the screws a little bit. The threaded posts and screws were from our supply of hardware that we use to make kydex holsters.  The add-on rail pictured below was our second attempt. The first one worked fine, but was only a two-slot section that didn't extend all the way back to the trigger guard. The one pictured below extends all the way back to the trigger guard, but that is purely for aesthetic purposes. Obviously, this is not a modification for someone that is not comfortable with permanently modifying their firearms.  We currently don't offer this as a service or product (yet), but it turned out great and we wanted to share.


Streamlight TLR-7sub (1913 version) mounted to the gun

Of course, a custom mounted light requires a custom holster!

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