Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Smooth Magwell Borders

We would like to explain and clarify our extra cost Smooth Magwell Border option and when it is applicable. This extra cost option is only available with our Grip Chop and Texture service.  A full-size grip being cut down to accommodate compact mags usually doesn't leave a smooth clean border at the bottom of the grip for the texture, so this is something we offer to make the grip chop look nicely finished. To accomplish this, the factory texture at the bottom of the grip is sanded down, smoothed out, and polished to a nice satin finish before the new texture is added to the grip. This smoothed out area goes slightly higher up on the grip than the intended textured border so that the new texture creates a nice clean line when applied. Due to this process, we cannot provide the smooth magwell border without also applying our texture.

Sig Sauer P365 XMacro grip chop and magwell border

On most factory un-chopped frames/grips, there is already a smooth area at the bottom of the grip that is simply enhanced when we add our texture to the grip.  Those magwell borders are a natural result of the texturing service and are NOT considered an extra cost option.

Magwell borders, whether they are natural or added on, are particularly beneficial when refinishing the frame/grip with a contrasting color of Cerakote. The smooth border at the bottom of the grip adds a nice touch to the overall aesthetic look of the frame/grip when highlighted with Cerakote.

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Monday, August 22, 2022

Shipping - A Box In A Box

RFV Tactical is a Type 07 FFL, so you can ship directly to us and we can ship directly back to you when done. When shipping an item to us, we recommend that you use the "box in a box" method for packaging up the item to minimize potential damage or issues regardless of what shipping company you decide to use.

A USPS Small Flat Rate box is the ideal size for the internal box for shipping an item. Be sure to wrap the item in bubble wrap and pack it up in the small box with extra packing material to keep the item from moving around inside the box before sealing it up with packing tape. This should be done with care as if the item were going to ship only in the small box.

Place the packed and sealed small box into a USPS Medium Flat Rate box (or a box of similar size if not shipping via USPS) along with sufficient packing material on all sides of the small box to keep it from moving around inside the larger box when shaken vigorously. Be sure to seal up all open seams of the outer box with packing tape to reduce damage and/or accidental opening while in transit. USPS flat rate boxes are free and can be obtained at your local post office.

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Cerakote Service FAQs

Below are some frequently asked questions and answers about our Cerakote service.  If you don't see the question/answer that you are wanting please contact us via email or a direct message on Instagram or Facebook!

Q: Do you offer MultiCam or other multi-color patterns?

A: Currently we only provide single color Cerakote service for handgun frames/grips and slides. As of August 2022, we are fairly new to Cerakote application and would like to keep it simple for now. We may offer multi-color patterns in the future as we gain more experience over time.

Q: Do you offer Cerakote service for rifles, shotguns, or other larger items?

A: Our Cerakote service is really only meant to compliment our polymer handgun frame/grip texturing service.  We also offer this service for metal handgun frames and/or handgun slides, but the equipment we use to sand blast the parts and cure the Cerakote is not ideal for larger parts associated with rifles and shotguns.

Q: Can you Cerakote over the stippled area on a polymer frame/grip?

A: Yes, but stippled areas on polymer frames and grips usually wear down over time, so the Cerakote that has been applied to those areas will also wear away exposing the natural color underneath.

Q: What if I want a specific color that you don't keep in stock?

A: We can order any Cerakote H-series color that you want for the cost of the smallest bottle that they offer, which is typically $35 for a 4oz bottle (we'll pay for the shipping).  Cerakote typically ships their products out pretty quickly, so we can have your preferred color delivered within a few days of ordering as long as they have it in stock.

Q: What is your lead time to get a frame or slide refinished?

A: That really depends on what is already in the queue, but we are certainly not back-logged like the more well-known professionals out there. Once we receive your frame/grip and/or slide, we can typically get it done and shipped back out to you within a week. Having texture work done by us at the same time typically only adds a day or two to the process. The exception to this is extremely cold weather. Our small paint booth is in a heated garage, but extremely low temperatures during the winter months are not good for Cerakote application and may delay the process.

Q: How do I ship you my frame/grip if I am not in the Texas Panhandle area?

A: We are a Type 07 FFL and you can legally ship your firearm directly to us and we can ship it directly back to you when done. Please send us an email or a direct message on Instagram or Facebook for specific details on shipping your frame/grip to us.

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