Thursday, July 15, 2021

Polymer Frame/Grip Texturing FAQs

Below are some frequently asked questions and answers about our polymer frame/grip texturing service.  If you don't see the question/answer that you are wanting please contact us via email or a direct message on Instagram or Facebook!

A comparison of our aggressive Competition style texture on
the left and our moderate Concealed Carry texture on the right.

Q: Do you offer "gap" or "recessed" borders?

A: Those types of borders look great when done properly, but we don't offer any type of special borders due to the amount of time it takes to make them look good and stippling/texturing is not our full-time gig.  If you want those types of borders on your polymer frame/grip, then there are a lot of professionals out there that specialize in them.

Q: Do you offer other textures besides your Concealed Carry or Competition textures?

A: Over several years we have developed and refined the technique that we use to consistently produce our Concealed Carry (mild or moderate) and Competition (aggressive) textures, and we feel that it looks great and is very functional, so we are sticking to those two textures for now.  If you want a specific texture, then it's best to send your polymer frame/grip to someone that specializes in that particular type of texture.

Q: Do you texture different colored polymer frames?

A: Yes, but be aware that texturing lighter colored polymer tends to leave random burned or discolored areas within the polymer that is impossible to avoid or remove (see examples below). If you are okay with these discolored areas, and you still want us to texture your colored polymer grip, then send us an email or a direct message on Instagram or Facebook to discuss.

Q: Do you offer Cerakote service with your texture service?

A: Yes, we offer single color Cerakote refinishing for handgun frames, slides, and their associated parts. This can be done along with our texture service for a two-tone look.

Q: Do you offer any frame/grip modifications along with your texturing?

A: We can do some basic stuff like trigger guard undercuts and finger groove removal on Glocks as well as some beavertail recontouring on Sigs and Walthers. We also offer grip chops for CZ P-09, Glock 17, Sig XCarry and Sig XMacro frames to accept compact magazines, but we currently don't do any modifications that require structural changes to the frame/grip (i.e. - Glock grip reduction) due to durability and liability issues.  If you are wanting something specific, send us an email or a direct message on Instagram or Facebook to discuss.

Q: What is your lead time to get a frame/grip textured?

A: That really depends on what is already in the queue, but we are certainly not back-logged like the more well-known professionals out there. Once we receive your frame/grip, we can typically get it done and shipped back out to you within a week. Having Cerakote work done by us at the same time typically only adds a day or two to the process.

Q: How do I ship you my frame/grip if I am not in the Texas Panhandle area?

A: We are a Type 07 FFL and you can legally ship your firearm directly to us and we can ship it directly back to you when done. Please send us an email or a direct message on Instagram or Facebook for specific details on shipping your frame/grip to us.

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