Thursday, October 21, 2021

Dual Purpose IWB/OWB Combo Weapon Light Indexing Holsters

We now offer dual purpose IWB/OWB combo full-size weapon light indexing holsters. They can be changed from IWB for concealed carry use to OWB for competition or general range use in just a few minutes by simply installing an OWB belt mount! There's no real need to remove the IWB hardware from the holster for OWB usage unless you just want to. 😉 They come with a FOMI belt clip, concealment fin, comfort puck, and an OWB belt mount. These dual purpose holsters are made with 0.080" thick Kydex.

IWB on the left and OWB on the right...

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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Sig P320 XCARRY Grip Chop and Texture

Here is a Sig Sauer P320 XCARRY that we just did a grip chop to accept the 15-round compact mags with our concealed carry texture. The XCARRY grip module looks and feels great (especially with our texture!), but its just a tad too long for concealed carry with it's 17-round magazines.  The Sig P320 XCOMPACT is a great compromise for concealed carry, but we prefer the longer length of the 3.9" barrel, slide, and dust cover of the XCARRY vs the 3.6" barrel/slide of the XCOMPACT.  So... grip chop it is! 😁

Here is the chopped XCARRY grip compared
to an unmodified large XCOMPACT grip module

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