Monday, May 16, 2022

Inforce WILD1 Weapon Light - Minor Design Flaw

The Inforce WILD1 compact weapon mounted light is a great light, but we've discovered a minor design flaw with the activation switches. The outer most ridge of the serrated activation paddles extend right to the edge of the light body which can sometimes catch or snag on the inside surface of a holster (kydex or leather) when inserting the gun into the holster and inadvertently activate the light. This typically only happens when the holster is being worn on the body (inside the waistband) and the tension of the belt squeezes the holster slightly. This may not be an issue with ALL of the WILD1 lights, but depending on the manufacturing tolerances of your particular light, this problem may exist. One of our two lights had this problem, but we modified both lights to alleviate any potential issues. If you find that your light is mysteriously getting turned on when you insert the gun into a holster, you can fix the issue yourself by filing down those ridges slightly so that they don't snag on the inside material of the holster.

Outer most ridge of the switches can catch on material when holstering the gun

Light body and activation switch taped off so that minor filing can be done

A small needle file or sandpaper can be used to remove just a little bit of material

Touched up with black paint and reinstalled on the gun

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