Monday, August 22, 2022

Shipping - A Box In A Box

RFV Tactical is a Type 07 FFL, so you can ship directly to us and we can ship directly back to you when done. When shipping an item to us, we recommend that you use the "box in a box" method for packaging up the item to minimize potential damage or issues regardless of what shipping company you decide to use.

A USPS Small Flat Rate box is the ideal size for the internal box for shipping an item. Be sure to wrap the item in bubble wrap and pack it up in the small box with extra packing material to keep the item from moving around inside the box before sealing it up with packing tape. This should be done with care as if the item were going to ship only in the small box.

Place the packed and sealed small box into a USPS Medium Flat Rate box (or a box of similar size if not shipping via USPS) along with sufficient packing material on all sides of the small box to keep it from moving around inside the larger box when shaken vigorously. Be sure to seal up all open seams of the outer box with packing tape to reduce damage and/or accidental opening while in transit. USPS flat rate boxes are free and can be obtained at your local post office.

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