Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Smooth Magwell Borders

We would like to explain and clarify our extra cost Smooth Magwell Border option and when it is applicable. This extra cost option is only available with our Grip Chop and Texture service.  A full-size grip being cut down to accommodate compact mags doesn't leave a smooth clean border at the bottom of the grip for the texture, so this is something we offer to make the grip chop look nicely finished. To accomplish this, the factory texture at the bottom of the grip is sanded down, smoothed out, and polished to a nice satin finish before the new texture is added to the grip. This smoothed out area goes slightly higher up the grip than the intended border so that the new texture creates a nice clean line when applied. Due to this process, we cannot provide the smooth magwell border without also applying our texture.

Sig Sauer P365 XMacro grip chop and magwell border

On most factory un-chopped frames/grips, there is already a smooth area at the bottom of the grip that is simply enhanced when we add our texture to the grip.  Those magwell borders are a natural result of the texturing service and are NOT considered an extra cost option.

Magwell borders, whether they are natural or added on, are particularly beneficial when refinishing the frame/grip with a contrasting color of Cerakote. The smooth border at the bottom of the grip adds a nice touch to the overall aesthetic look of the frame/grip when highlighted with Cerakote.

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