Monday, October 30, 2023

IWB Holster Type - Appendix vs 3 O'clock Position

We'd like to explain the differences in our inside the waistband (IWB) holsters when made for the appendix carry position (up front) versus the 3 o'clock carry position (aka "strong-side"). While the holster shell itself is very similar, the final configuration is different for the two carry positions. 

Appendix Carry Position
For the appendix carry position, the holster is typically equipped with a modified FOMI belt clip, a concealment wing (aka "claw"), and a round rubber puck on the back of the holster, which is our version of an easily removable wedge. The concealment wing rotates the grip of the gun into your body for better concealment (less printing) by leveraging against the back of the belt. The wedge tilts the back of the gun's slide in towards your body above the belt line for better concealment (less printing) and it also potentially reduces uncomfortable hotspots against your body that might be caused by any irregular or abrupt edges of the holster itself.

Full-size weapon mounted light

Compact weapon mounted light

No weapon mounted light (uses a polymer drop clip)

3 O'clock Carry Position
For the 3 o'clock carry position, the holster does not come with a concealment wing or a wedge. There would be a lot more belt tension against the concealment wing if worn at the 3 o'clock position and the increased pressure would likely cause the wing and/or the holster to crack and break. The concealment wing on an appendix carry holster cannot simply be removed to allow for 3 o'clock carry because the mounting hardware (screws and threaded posts) would be too long and you wouldn't be able to properly set the retention without the wing installed. The wedge is simply unnecessary for the 3 o'clock position and would actually be very uncomfortable if it was installed on the holster. A standard FOMI belt clip is typically mounted to the holster at a angle to facilitate a smooth draw and for better concealment (less printing).

Full-size weapon mounted light

Compact weapon mounted light

No weapon mounted light

Keep in mind that a holster that is made specifically for the 3 o'clock carry position can also easily be used in the appendix carry position, but it will lack the additional concealment benefits that you would get with a concealment wing and a wedge.

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